At one stopover in a town, a huge banner was written in bold letters: FAMINE IN AFR/CA~ PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY TO SAVE THE STARVING PEOPLE.

  在一个镇上的中转站挂着一个巨型横幅,上面用黑体字写着: ¨非洲饥荒,请您慷慨解囊,拯救饥饿的人们。¨在那儿有一大群 人在排队捐赠。

  A large crowd was queuing to hand over their donations.Near the door of the town hall stood a beautiful young girl, poorly but neatly dressed.

  市政厅的门旁站着一个漂亮的小姑娘,她的衣服质地很差, 却很整洁。她注视着眼前的人们,眼里闪烁着害羞的神情。

  With shy glances she watched the people before her. She saw a merchant who laid a bag of 90ld on the table.

  她看 见一位商人把一袋金子放在了桌上。

  Then came a rich lady with haughty looks who offered a variety of jewels; some others handed cash, clothing's and foodstuff, The girl was reluctant to take her turn but at last, summoning up her courage, she stepped forward.

  接着,一位傲慢的贵夫人拿 出了各种珠宝,其他人也递上了现金、衣服和食物。小姑娘还在犹豫要不要捐,最终她还是鼓起勇气走上前去。

  "But...it is so small I am ashamed to offer it. It seems worthless, but it is all I have, "she said.

  ¨可是……这太少了,我都不好意思拿出来。它看起来一文不值, 但这是我所有的东西了。¨她说道。

  "We are grateful for e\ten the smallest offering," the man at the counter replied kindly. "Here it is, I have nothing else to give," she added timidly, she drew under her cloak two long thick plaits of her golden hair.

  ¨即使是最少的捐赠,大家也 非常感激,¨柜台旁的人和善地说口¨给,我没有别的可捐了。”她羞怯地补充说。她从披风下拽出两根又长又粗的金色辫子

  As she did so, the hood of hercloak fell back, showing the beautifully young head shorn of its golden glory.

  。这时, 披风的风帽掉了下来,露出已失去金色光环的漂亮的小脑袋。

  The generosity of this beautiful girl to donate her most priceless possession, her golden locks of hair, overshadowed all the glittering gold or j8wels of the other donors.

  这个漂亮的小姑娘慷慨地捐出了她最珍贵的财产一一她的 金发,令其他捐赠者的闪闪发光的金子、珠宝等捐赠物都黯然 失色。



  An oyster that was very proud was talking with a fish.“Let's be friends and we can look after each other whenever the fisherman's net comes along,”the fish suggested.


  The proud oyster replied,“I have a strong shell and I feel safe when I close my shell, for no harm can happen to me.”


  “But when you close your shell, you may not know what is happening.”answered the fish.


  Still the oyster boasted that he was perfectly safe and he needs no friends to warn him.


  Suddenly, there was a great splashing sound and the oyster closed his shell and very quickly kept quiet.


  “What could the splashing have been? Was it a net, and was the fish caught?”the oyster wondered. When at last the oyster opened his shell, he found himself in a strange place.


  “Where am I?”He looked for the fish but it was no longer around.


  Sadly, the oyster found he was at a fishmonger's stall. A ticket on his back marked,“For Sale!”




  One day an old Crane stood in the shallows of a lotus pond with a very dejected look upon hislong face. A Crab nearby noticed the troubled look on the old bird, and asked:

  一天, 一只老鹤站在荷花池里的浅水处,它那张长长的脸上一副沮丧的射神情。附近的一只蟹注意到老鹤的一脸忧愁,问道:

  “There are fish in this pond. How is it that you stand there as if you have given up the thoughtof ever eating?”


  “I am sad,” said the old Crane,” because I heard a terrible piece of news today.


  I overheard the fishermen in town saying that tomorrow they will come to this pond and drainit of every fish and every shell to the last periwinkle.


  When that happens, I am doomed for I shall have nothing to live on. My appetite has left meever since and I am now resigning myself to dying of hunger.”


  The fish in the pond overheard the Crane, and they said to each other in their distress:


  “Since he and we have a common enemy in the fishmen perhaps the wise Crane can advise uswhat to do.”


  They swam up to the long-legged bird and said:” Sir Crane, can you tell us how we may saveourselves from this terrible plight?”

  他们游到长腿鹤跟前,说道: “鹤先生,你能告诉大家怎样才能逃脱这场可怕的灾难吗?”

  “There is only one way,” said the Crane,” you must get to another pool before it is too late.”


  “But how can we do that?” asked the fish.

  “可是,大家该怎么去呢? ”鱼问。

  “There is a protected pool nearby,” said the Crane, “ and if you wish I will carry you there oneby one.”

  “附近有一个被保护的池塘,”鹤说。“要是你们愿意,我可以逐个把你们送过去。 ”

  The poor fish consulted among themselves and said:” Since there is nothing else we can do tosave ourselves, we must make an alliance with our foe.”

  可怜的鱼儿彼此商量后,说:“要想活命咱们没有别的办法,只有和敌人结为同盟了。 ”

  And they agreed to let the Crane transport them one by one to the pool where they would besafe.


  The wicked Crane took the fish, one by one, to a lonely spot nearby, where he devoured them.He returned for more, reporting that all the others were now safe and happy in another pool.


  Finally all the fish were gone, and the Crab said;” Sir Crane, take me also to that pool, for I wishto be with my friends the fish.”

  最后,鱼都给衔走了,蟹说:“鹤先生,也把我带到那个池塘里去吧,我想和我的鱼朋友们在一起。 ”

  The greedy Crane, who loved Crab meat, carefully lifted the ten-legged creature and carried himoff to the spot where he had devoured all the fish.


  But when the Crab saw all the bones on the ground and realized how cunning the Crane hadbeen, he thought to himself;”


  I am undone! Yet when the wise are attacked, even if they see no hope of saving themselves,they still do not give up, but die fighting.”


  Whereupon the Crab fastened his pincer-like fore claws upon the Crane’s throat and tore at ituntil the Crane perished.


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