A Sheep was once forced to submit to much harm from the other animals. He thereforeappeared before Jupiter, and begged him to lessen his misery.


  Jupiter appeared willing, and said to the Sheep, " I see plainly, my pious creature, that I havecreated you too defenseless . Now choose how I had best remedy this fault. Shall I arm yourjaws with terrible fangs and your feet with claws?"


  "O, no! " exclaimed the Sheep, " I will have nothing in common with the beasts of prey."


  "Or," said Jupiter, " Shall I make your bite poisonous?"


  "Alas!" replied the Sheep, " the poisonous snakes are so sadly detested."


  " Well, what shall I do ?Shall I plant horns on your forehead, and give strength to your neck?"


  "Nor that, gracious father; I should then butt like the goat."


  "At the same time you would be able to injure others, if I gave you the means of defendingyourself."


  "Should I, indeed? " sighed the Sheep. "Oh! Then leave me, merciful father, as I am. For thepower of injuring would, I am fearful, awake the desire of doing so; and it is better to sufferharm, than to inflict it."


  Jupiter blessed the pious Sheep, who ceased from that moment his complaints.




  He was a little, wrinkled, all skin and bones, old man and lived all alone. No one knew much about him. One day he got a bad cold and he called for a doctor.


  While the doctor was examining the old man, he asked, "Haven't you a trend who could come in to look after you?" "No, I have no friends--never had any." the old man replied.

  给老人检查时,医生问:“你没有朋友来照看你吗?”“没有,我没有朋友——一直都没有。 ”老人回答。

  "What you've lived in this village all your life and never had a friend! " ... "Well, I am not ashamed to say that I am passed sixty-four years but I never met anyone I could call a friend for long.

  “什么!你在村子里住了一辈子,居然从未有过一个朋友!” “活了64年却没有遇到一个值得长久交往的朋友,我没有什么不好意思地。他们不是这差。 就是那差。 ”

  If it isn't one thing wrong with them, it's another" "Come, come our village head mart, Mr. Li, will surely come to your aid if he knows you are sick I am sure you too know him."

  “好啦,好啦!假如大家地村长李先生知道你病了,一定会来帮你地。 你一定知道他吧。 ” “没错, 我认识他,”

  Of course, I know him, " replied the old man, "but he is such a bore to hear him talk, you'd imagine the world had nothing in it but his wheat field and how wonderful and healthy his pigs are."

  老人回答,“不过,他这个人很讨厌,跟他说话。你会觉得世界上除了他的麦田和他那壮实、健康的猪,就没有别的东西了。 ”

  "Then what about Mr.Ma who lives down the road?" "A more selfish fellow l ever came across, though admit he has got a head on him. He has traveled and read many books and he's mighty interesting to talk to.

  “那么在这条街上住的马先生如何呢?”“虽然我承认他有点儿聪明,可他是我见过的最自私地家伙。 他四处旅行。 读过很多书,和他聊天会非常有意思。

  He used to come in here a lot at one time. But he would come only when he felt like doing so and he would stay away for long periods of time.

  有一段时间,他经常来我这里。不过。 他想来地时候才会来,并且会一连好长时间都不出现。

  I don't call that neighborly. "The doctor laughed."You can't bring up anything against Mr. Zhou? Everyone loves him." "You're right," agreed the old man. "

  我可不喜欢他这样的邻居。 ” 医生只好笑了笑:“你说什么也不能找出周先生地毛病吧?所有人都喜欢他。 ”“你说地没错,”老人表示认可,

  Zhou would live on my doorstep if I let him He's a bit of a wit and rattling good company, but his noisy tongue makes my poor head ache."

  “假如我愿意。 周先生会与我住得很近。 他很聪明,是个很好的伴儿。 可他说起话来地声音吵得我头疼。 ”

  "I'm afraid you see so much of your neighbor's failings that you're blind to their virtues. You're a hard nut to crack, old many anyway, please call me if you need me.

  “恐怕是你太注重邻居们地缺点而忽略了他们的优点。 老先生,给您服务可真难!无论如何,假如需要我地时候,你就叫我。

  As a doctor I will attend to you regardless whether you like me or not" The doctor remarked as he took up his bag and hat to leave. The door banged and not a word of "thank you" was heard.

  身为一名医生。 无论你喜不喜欢我。 我都会照看你的!” 医生说着就拿起帽子离开了。 门“嘣”的一声就关上了,老人连一句“谢谢”都没说。



  A Fox invited a long-beaked Stork to have dinner with him.


  “I hope you don’t mind sharing the same dish with me,” said the Fox. “It is our custom in the woods to eat together to show that we are friendly.”

  “希翼你不要介意和我和吃一道菜,” 狐狸说,“一同吃饭说明交情好,这是大家森林里的习惯。”

  “Not at all,” said the Stork politely.


  The Fox brought a wide, shallow bowl of thin soup and set it between them.


  ‘please help yourself,” he said, setting down to lap the soup with his long pink tongue.


  The Stork stood with her long legs apart and put the tip of her long, thin beak into the soup; but although she tried to scoop up the thin liquid it was quite impossible for her to do so.


  Even when she did manage to hold a few drops in her beak they were lost long before they could trickle down to her throat. Too polite to complain, the Stork went home hungry while the greedy Fox lapped up all the soup. As she left she heard him laughing to himself at his own cleverness.


  A few days later the Stork invited the Fox to have dinner with her in return and the Fox made his way to her home.


  “it is our custom to share a dish, too,” said the Stork, “ I hope you will join me.”


  “Certainly, certainly,” said the Fox, licking his lips. He had not eaten all day.


  The Stork brought her food. This time, however, it was served in a tall, thin jug with a narrow opening at the top.


  “Please begin,” said the Stork, thrusting her beak into the jug.


  “Mmmm. It is good.”


  Of course the Fox could not get his nose into the jug at all. All he could do was sniff hungrily at the delicious smell and lick the occasional drop that spilled over the side.


  “I suppose I can’t complain,” he said to himself sadly as he made his way back to the woods. “After all, I taught her the trick myself.”


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